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Superior portable restroom services

Do you need portable restrooms? Contact Thrush Sanitation Service of Ottawa, IL. Choose to work with a state-licensed company and experience hassle-free portable toilet services. Thrush Sanitation Service disposes of all waste professionally at the Ottawa Waste Water Treatment Plant.

  • Standard portable restrooms

  • Handicap accessible units

  • Sink units (porta-potty with a sink)

  • Sling-mounted units (for moving with a crane)

  • Handwashing stations (sink with water tank connected to it, soap included)

  • Sanitizer stands

Quality portable toilets and more

You can choose from our deluxe and standard unit styles (porta-potty). The deluxe unit is equipped with a large hand sanitizer dispenser and vanity mirror on walls.


Rent our portable toilets for any private or public event, including weddings. For your convenience, we offer one-day, weekend, and monthly rental services.

Rent comfortable portable restrooms  

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You'll be happy to know that our prices include delivery and pickup charges for all units.

Portable toilet Portable toilets Portable toilets

Weekend Rental Chart

  • Determine how many hours your event will last. If multiple days, use the longest day

  • Determine your guest count. If multiple days, use the day with the largest attendance.

  • Use the chart to determine the number of restrooms needed for your upcoming event


Note: If alcohol is being served, add 15-20% more restrooms. Add one Handicap Accessible Restroom per 20 portable restrooms, or a minimum of one for events open to the public. Adequate hand washing should also be provided with restrooms in all food servcie in all fodo service areas.


A minimum of (1) handwash station should be added per (4) restrooms.

Weekly Rental Chart

  • Determine how many shifts will be worked at your jobsite

  • Determine your workforce size, especially during peak times.

  • Use the chart to determine the number of restrooms needed for your upcoming project


(1) Restroom can accommodate 10 workers during a 40-hour work week.

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